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Konferencja HTC 2022- nowe informacje

I am pleased to inform you that the 10th International Conference on HIGH TEMPERATURE CAPILLARITY  (HTC2022) will be held at Krakow, Poland on September 12-16, 2022.

HTC2022 provides a forum for academia, industry and government laboratories to exchange knowledge, experience and latest developments in experimental, theoretical, simulation, and applied aspects of high temperature liquid state materials science, particularly liquid metal engineering.
HIGH TEMPERATURE CAPILLARITY aims at issues related to surfaces and interfaces, wetting and capillarity in materials themselves as well as in materials processing and operating at elevated temperatures, including the following topics:
•    Liquid surfaces of metals, glasses and salts
•    Surface energy and adsorption
•    Metal/metal, metal/ceramic, metal/glass and ceramic/ceramic interfaces: wettability, adhesion, interfacial reactions, segregation, grain boundary wetting and intergranular films
•    Capillarity in microgravity
•    Capillarity in nano-science and nano-technology
•    Marangoni phenomena
•    Corrosion and embrittlement by liquid metals
•    Advances in measurement techniques
•    Modelling and simulation
•    Materials processing by liquid-assisted techniques: crystal growth, metallurgical and metalcasting processes, synthesis of metal-matrix and ceramic-matrix composites, additive manufacturing, joining dissimilar materials (soldering, brazing, welding).

Full-length post-conference papers will appear in a special issue of Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance published by Springer.

In view of your outstanding and sustained contributions to the field of high temperature liquid state materials science, it is my pleasure, as HTC2022 Organizer, to welcome you as a Speaker/Delegate for HTC2022.

For full details about HTC2022, please visit www.htc2022.pl

I look forward hearing from you at your convenience by e-mail.


Natalia Sobczak.

HTC 2022

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